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Santo Rosario Council Officers

Grand Knight Daniel Knight
Deputy Grand Knight Charles Stevens
ChancellorBrad Love
ChaplainFr. Ryan McCarthy
Recorder Gerard Schlundt
Treasurer Tom Brown
AdvocateJohn Molloy III
Warden Kevin Richards
Inside Guard Zachary Williams
Outside Guard Walter Janiec
3 Year Trustee Bradley Williams
2 Year Trustee Lee Ashton
1 Year Trustee Bob Collins
Financial SecretaryJay Stanley
Past Grand KnightBradley Williams
LecturerJerry Friederick

Committee Chairs

Church DirectorNed Hummel
Community DirectorFrank Oliver
Council DirectorVacant
Family DirectorPatrick Preston
Youth DirectorVacant
Culture of Life DirectorCharles Stevens
Membership DirectorJohn Molloy III
Gibault Envoy DirectorKevin Richards
Officers from All Years
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